If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney then a good place to start your search is online. You should look for a criminal lawyer that is near you, and has experience in the type of crime that you have been charged with. For example, fraud is a completely different animal to child molestation and it is unlikely that the same attorney will be equally skilled in handling both issues.

Once you have a shortlist of the best looking firms then you should check that they have a good track record – one positive indicator is a decent amount of experience in federal court. Check up on your criminal attorney by conducting a Google search; if you find that the attorney is a well regarded member of the local bar association that is a good sign. Of course, you should also hold an interview before choosing a criminal lawyer and ask:

  • What work have you published?
  • Which legal organizations are you a member of?
  • How many acquittals have you achieved in similar cases and what strategies did you use to secure them?

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