Is the ‘crime of false pretenses’ the same as fraud?

The crime of false pretenses can be more succinctly described as fraud, but it is not a term that can be easily explained since what constitutes a crime of false pretenses varies from state to state. There are some common circumstances across all states though: the criminal secures ownership of the victim’s property by telling [...]

Is the crime of armed robbery considered theft?

Theft is a term that often encompasses many property crimes, such as larceny, embezzlement, armed robbery, shoplifting, fraud, and others.  Generally, it is the taking of someone’s property without that person’s consent.  In a theft, the property can be movable, like a purse, or immovable, like the taking of land by illegally deeding another’s property [...]

What Constitutes Terroristic Threatening?

Terroristic threatening is recklessly or intentionally threatening to commit a violent crime for the purpose of terrorizing another, causing public panic, or causing the evacuation or disruption of a public space or facility. Some state laws are narrow, specifying that the threat must be very specific and direct, while other states adopt a looser [...]

Assault and Battery Charges

Assault is both a crime and a tort, and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability.  Battery is a criminal offense and is oftentimes coupled with criminal assault; and as such, the two acts are considered to be two elements of the same crime.  In essence, an assault involves the threat or attempt [...]