Internet Sex Crimes

Advances in modern technology have created a new type of crime known as cybercrime which uses electronic communications such as the internet to facilitate criminal activity. The crimes themselves are not new, what is new is the ability to sit anonymously behind a monitor to engage in these acts. One of the most prolific categories [...]

Drug Trafficking is a Global Business

The crime of drugs trafficking is considered the most serious of all drug offenses.  The punishment for drug trafficking depends on the type and quantity of the controlled substance being trafficked and the circumstances under which the drug is transported.  The penalties for drugs trafficking are enhanced if the drugs are sold to or distributed [...]

When are Drug Charges Federal?

In 1970, the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was passed by the federal government to codify federal drug laws.  The act categorized drugs into five classifications called schedules.   The act also established regulations specific to each of the schedules and the drugs listed therein and assigned penalties for the misuse of the drugs in [...]

Are Anabolic Steroids Legal?

Since 2004, anabolic steroids have been considered a Schedule III drug, in the same category as Vicodin, barbiturates, and veterinary tranquilizers.  Thus, it is a federal offense to possess anabolic steroids, and an even greater offense to possess them with the intent to sell them.  Anabolic steroids are available under four names of drugs, nandrolone, [...]