The Shady Crime of Embezzlement

The felony embezzlement is a crime against property. Whilst larceny is the crime of stealing possession of property, embezzlement is the crime of stealing ownership of property. The criminal takes lawful possession of the property, thus he cannot be charged with illegal possession, but he can be charged with unlawfully taking that possession – embezzlement. [...]

Defending Perjury Cases

The purpose of the article is to provide individuals accused of perjury with basic practical information including, charges, penalties and possible defenses. It has also been designed to give an overview for readers who are interested in perjury cases. It is not intended as a substitute for qualified legal counsel, nor does it constitute legal [...]

The Crime of Heroin Possession

What is heroin?
Heroin is a highly additive depressant, processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance in the seed pod of certain types of poppies.  Heroin can be sniffed/snorted, smoked, or injected, with injection being the most effective method of low-purity heroin abuse.  High-purity heroin lends itself to snorting, but may damage nasal passages and takes [...]

Criminal Possession of a Weapon

A person may be charged with criminal possession of a weapon if that person has actual (the weapon is on the person, under direct physical control, or within reach) or constructive possession (the person has knowledge of where a weapon is and control over that area) of a deadly weapon.
In addition a person may be [...]